Friday, January 7, 2011

Abuse of a citizen by government mandated healthcare insurance

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Recently Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama passed and signed national healthcare, known as ObamaCare, mandating citizens must purchase health insurance. Currently the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (The Bay State) has for years their version of ObamaCare, however called RomneyCare, named after former governor Mitt Romney.

Massachusetts requires adults to purchase healthcare insurance. Compliance with this mandate is reported once a year when filing state income tax forms, must file form MA 1099-HC.

Michael A. Merlina of Massachusetts could not afford to purchase the required insurance at $425.00 a month. The State then fined Mr. Merlina $2,000 for not adhering to the Commonwealth’s law. 53,000 Massachusetts citizens have been levied this fine. The fines go into a fund to pay for health insurance for those who cannot afford to purchase it. Mr. Merlina was told he earned too much to qualify to be a recipient of this fund. His monthly income is $3,048, while monthly expenses are $3,238, leaving him with a monthly deficit of $190.00.

The Massachusetts bureaucrats rejected his figures and insisted the fine be paid. He sued the state, went before a judge and as of this writing / video awaiting the judge’s decision.

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