Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mexico's Saint of Death or La Santa Muerte

In Mexico there is a cult named Saint of Death or La Santa Muerte. It is a cult with pre-Columbian practices, African customs and elements of Catholicism. The Roman Catholic Church does not recognize the saint or the cult.

The Saint of Death is a skeletal figure clad in a long robe carrying a scythe. Many drug traffickers, kidnappers, drug users, prostitutes, pimps, assorted law breakers and under the underbelly of society claim identity to this cult / saint. They embrace this cult because it makes no judgment of their illegal lifestyles or attempt to help them repent.

Recently a self-proclaimed bishop of this cult David Romo was arrested by Mexican authorities accused of running a kidnapping ring. Many devotees of this cult accused Mr. Romo of giving the cult a bad reputation. What about the pimps, drug traffickers and other assorted non-repentant law breakers adhering to this cult?

If this cult is look for acceptance in society they should come to the USA. Since the cult is perceived as anti-Catholic, they would be embraced by the USA’s entertainment industry and anti-Christian news media.

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