Saturday, January 10, 2009

Turtle theft by state and federal authorities

This story came by way of Steve Santhuff himself, the one violated by the United States government.

Steve Santhuff lives in the state of Georgia, Gwinnett County (outside of the city of Atlanta), United States of America (USA). Mr. Santhuff has been an avid collector of turtles since his childhood and had around 500 turtles in his collection. He is respected as an authority concerning turtles to the point where he assisted the state of Louisiana in creating legislation to protect turtles. Mr. Santhuff also helped the state of Georgia identify turtles within its boundaries previously unaware of to them.

For three years the Federal government and regional state governments have conspired to investigate Mr. Santhuff to see if he was in violation of any laws in regards to his huge collection of turtles (tortoise). Such as if he was engaged in the commercialization or intent to or motive to. After three years of wasting and abusing tax payer money they decided to arrest Mr. Santhuff and charged him with having those reptiles without a permit. That is correct, no laws broken but no permit.

It seems like the state of Georgia used this no permit excuse to arrest someone back in 1831. In 1831 or thereabouts, a Samuel Worscester was working in the Cherokee Nation, which overlapped into Northern Georgia, evangelizing. The governor of the time wanted to establish Georgian law over the Cherokee Nation and had Mr. Worscester arrested for working in the Cherokee Nation without a permit. Yep, that is correct, arrested for no permit just like in 2008 when Mr. Steve Santhuff was charged.

Steve Santhuffs case goes to trail, and the jury found Mr. Santhuff innocent of breaking any laws, thus exonerating him. See the below link describing the proceedings as written by the Michael Hendrickson, the jury foreman:

Now Mr. Santhuff was found innocent of any wrong doing. That judgment of innocent did not deter the U.S. government. They are still keeping the turtles and other property they stole / confiscated from Mr. Santhuff. Government official Russ Willard said, the state does not plan to return the turtles. Mr. Santhuff does not have the authority to possess these animals. You read right, a jury decision means nothing to the government of these here United States.

Remember the government stole 500 turtles from Mr. Santhuff. Of which 350 were not on any protection list in the USA. Those turtles which many have been, were acquired by Mr. Santhuff BEFORE any were added to the list or even BEFORE the legislation was written. These turtles are valued between $100.00 and $1,000.00 each. While in these stolen turtles were in government custody, around 200 have died. The government stole these turtles to protect them, and then caused 200 of them to die while in government captivity.

Mr. Santhuff is now suing the government via his attorney Robert DAgostino to get the stolen turtles returned along with other stolen items: personal papers, vacation photos, scientific notes, and logs.

Representative democracy: where? Not in the USA. The United States was once a nation of laws, where all respected and enforced the laws. Now it is a nation of force. Have the force and you have the law to uphold or ignore. After hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, New Orleans, the United States government violated the Posse Comitatus Act, see below video:

Also violating the 2nd Amendment to the United States ignored Constitution. The Republic is lost. President Abraham Lincoln, 16 President, in his Gettysburg address ended with in part: government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. Well President Lincoln, it did perish, so help me God!

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