Sunday, January 11, 2009

Los Angeles Times "Behind the lines with the Taliban"

The United States along with allied nations are engaged in the nation of Afghanistan militarily against the Taliban. The following nations have a military presence in Afghanistan:

United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Germany (Deutschland), France, Canada, Italy, Netherlands (Dutch), Turkey, Poland, Australia, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belgium, Norway, and the Czech Republic.

Appearing on the front page of the Sunday edition, January 11, 2009, of The Los Angeles Times, this headline:

"Behind the lines with the Taliban," accompanied with a large color photograph of an armed Taliban member.

Reading the article on their website, here is the first paragraph:

"A Times writer joins Taliban fighters in an especially dangerous part of Afghanistan. The men appear to have no fear of troops, and prove to be gracious hosts."

Noticed the part "gracious host?" The website assigned the byline to Paul Watson. Here is the link to the article:,0,7946082.story?page=1

The online the article expands over three screens and continues to prove itself as a puff piece, a propaganda piece in favor of the Taliban. Had such reporting been done in World War Two, The Los Angeles Times would be charged with sedition, if not treason for aiding the enemy by providing positive propaganda for the enemies of the United States of America and the allies.

However we live in an America where sedition and treason committed continually by the news media is overlooked. Sedition and treason are fashionable among the American news media and Hollywood crowd.

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