Friday, January 30, 2009

Betel Nut girls of Taiwan, WOW!

The Dallas Morning News reprinted an article from The Los Angeles Times concerning a beautiful phenomenon of delightfully looking girls selling a product called betel nuts. The article is about women sell their products in Taiwan (Formosa). These girls known as a betel nut beauty, become eye candy when they sell these betel nuts on street corners wearing skimpy outfits. When not selling, they wait in plastic booths to keep out of the weather. Many truck drivers stop to purchase this product from these easy on the eyes women.

The product, the betel nut is a date-like fruit. The products are popular as a stimulant, hunger suppressant, breath freshener, and tobacco substitute. It also leads to red-stained teeth, drooling, and oral cancer. Of course the feminist broads condemn this practice of the women selling this product while men are gawking (gawking at the betel nut girls, not the ugly feminist). The feminist also claim the male drivers are so busy looking at these beautiful women in revealing clothing, they crash their vehicles. Basically the feminist are jealous the men at looking at the betel nut girls while ignoring the cattle like feminist.

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