Friday, January 2, 2009

News Media decline hides from the truth

The newspaper subscriptions and TV news viewership are declining in the United States of America (USA) while the population is increasing. The bias news media would have you believe this is due to the influence of the Internet. That fact is Americans are tired of the bias reporting by news readers who hate America, insult the sensitivities and morality of the American people. The deeper ones debauchery and hate of country, the greater their celebrity status within the news media and Hollywood. Thus forcing Americans to seek unbiased, non-insulting news via Al Gores Internet. Thank you Al Gore for inventing the Internet.

Comedian Kathy Griffin notice for her raspy voice and vulgar delivery accepted an Emmy at the Emmy Awards in September, 2007. In her acceptance speech Ms. Griffin disparaged Jesus Christ a couple of times, and God once. This anti-Christian tirade by Ms. Griffin insulted Christian throughout the world as well as those who believe in God. Did this hinder Ms. Griffins career? Nope, not in America. This display of public debauchery and insult towards Christians and believers in God is a resume enhancement with Hollywood and the American news media. Ms. Griffin was hired by CNN to co-host their New Years Eve show December 31st, 2008, with Anderson Cooper.

At one point when Ms. Griffins face was off the air, her microphone was still on (it was hot). Ms. Griffin replied to a heckler in the crowd, I dont go to your job and knock the ----- out of your mouth. The blank is the vulgar vernacular for a male body part. CNN got exactly what they were looking for because they knew of Ms. Griffins reputation and past history. Perhaps now Ms. Griffin will be asked to be a news reader on their evening news.

Television network TNT has a commentator named Charles Barclay. Mr. Barclay was recently stopped for speeding in Arizona. He told the police officer he was speeding to have some lady perform oral sex on him, as he had it done before by her, and it was enjoyable. However Mr. Barclay did not use the term oral sex, he used the street term for such a performance. Another example of enhancing ones resume in the news media.

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