Friday, January 23, 2009

President Obama to close down GITMO and where are the liberals in Europe to help?

The United States of America (USA), in its war on terror, encountered enemy combatants in Afghanistan and Iraq. In an attempt to ensure these enemy combatants do not cause any harm to civilized societies they were housed in a military prison as detainees at an American military base in Cuba called Guantanamo Bay or GITMO, or Club GITMO as radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh refers to it.

For years liberals in the USA and around the world proving once again how liberalism is a mental disorder (term borrowed from radio talk show host Doctor Michael Savage) have been clamoring for the detainees to be released and to shut down the prison in GITMO. One of President Obamas campaign promises was to close down the facility.

Making good on this promise just a few days after his coronation President Barack Obama signed an executive order to close down the prison at GITMO within a year. However when he was asked where the detainees would go, President Obama did not have an answer.

On the same day newspaper headlines around the nation and the world reported this historic executive order by President Obama, in New York City (NYC), the newspaper, The New York Times (NYT) on their front pages reported about a certain person named Ali al-Shihri who is the deputy leader for al Qaeda in the nation of Yemen. Mr. al-Shihri was once a detainee at GITMO. He is a citizen of Saudi Arabia and was released to Saudi authorities. While in Saudi Arabia, Mr. al-Shihri attended a re-education camp. Mr. al-Shihri did not like this method and left Saudi Arabia and went to Yemen to become a top official in Al Qaeda and is reported to be directly responsible for a recent car bombing and other terrorist activities. It has also been reported many detainees have been released and about 200 of the released detainees from GITMO have returned to their terrorist activities.

Now since many in Europe have condemned the United States and President Bush for maintaining this detention center at GITMO, it is about time they help President Obama close down this facility. That is they should accept the detainees thus allowing President Obama to close down the joint. However these liberals in Europe and other countries who have complained will not do anything to help close down the facility by taking some detainees as they are only interested in criticizing and not helping. Since they all wanted GITMO closed and wanted to see Obama be elected President Obama, now is the time for them to demonstrate their support not by just words but also by their deeds. Ha! What a joke to expect that.

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