Friday, January 9, 2009

Sea Shepherd, it is party time Down-under

Sea Shepherd once again has harassed the Japanese whaling fleet. During this harassing season their garbage scow, Steve Irwin ran low on fuel. Thus cutting the harassing season short, and headed to port to re-fuel. A foreign ministry official in Japan, Chiharu Tsuruoka requested the Australian government deny Sea Shepherd access to any Australian ports to re-fuel, labeling Sea Shepherd as eco-terrorist.

Japan and Australia enjoy warm relations, friendship, and are allies. Australian acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard, declined the Japanese request. Meaning Australia turned down a request made by a friendly nation.

As the Sea Shepherd garbage scow was headed back to Australia, specifically Hobart in Tasmania, they requested to have a party when they reach port. Any have a suggestion for a piƱata?


bj said...

You are so full of crap it's wonder it's not coming out your ears... oh, wait a minute... there is is... and it coming out of your mouth too.

Paul Watson is the man you don't have the balls to be. You're so jealous of him and his accomplishments that you spend all your time thinking of words that you can use that might sway the opinion of those of us who know you're full of shit.

Australia has the right to deny or accept anyone into their ports. The Japanese whaling fleet is barred from entering Australian and New Zealand ports because of their illegal whaling activities. Sea Shepherd has done nothing wrong, so they aren't barred. uring five voyages to the Southern Ocean to protect whales, the Sea Shepherd crews have not caused a single injury, damaged any property nor have any criminal charges been filed in response to conservation anti-poaching efforts.

The Japanese whaling fleet is targeting endangered whales in an established international whale sanctuary in violation of a global moratorium on commercial whaling and in contempt of an Australian Federal Court order prohibiting whaling in the territorial waters of the Australian Antarctic Territory.

"The whalers are acting very dishonourably," said Captain Paul Watson. "They are using every opportunity to demonize us by making unsubstantiated accusations. They continually call us terrorists yet we have never injured anyone, damaged their property nor have we been charged with a crime. They have handed their honour over to disreputable public relations agents who have no scruples about spinning the facts to justify their cruel enterprise in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary."

Why are you so evil? You have very bad karma. I would love to see you get it back. That would fill my soul with happiness. You are so ugly and no one cares what you think. Why don't you do away with yourself and make the world a happier place.

colinF said...

This guy is quite out-of-step with popular opinion - Sea Shepherd is doing a sterling job highlighting the whaling. This "armchair critic" simply lacks credibility. One only has to look at the Japanese tactics of calling the killing "research", of its buying support from cash-strapped nations, of its lying and cheating to cover a commercial operation, etc to realise that this Sea Shepherd critic is way "off course".
I guess he got to have his few minutes of grandstanding - but it is a pity his argument lacks any real substance.
Like the Japanese, this Sea Shepherd critic is simply taking cheap "pot shots" at a dedicated group working for the common good.

Satoshi said...

Where is the source of poaching?

The way the Japanese feel about whealing is that the Japanese and the vikings have been hunting the wheals since the stone age. Genetically the predominant race of today's Japan is from Siberia who were mammoth hunters. Around 8000 years ago, they were settled in this island of pacific and converted to the people of sea and mountain.

We are dignifying the weals as blessing from the sea as well as we do to other kinds of food from sea. Please don't mix us with China the history of over-hunting and desertation of land by plundering woods. We always thank wheals as well as Christians thank food and say a grace at dinner. Every part of a whale, meat, bones, cartilage & skin are appreciated and made into products that is used for valuable human lives. When we want to fish farm delicious oysters, we first plant trees in the mountain because we know that mineral rich pristine water flow into the sea well nurtures oysters.

Then after a peaceful few thousands years have passed, all of s sudden, this Moby Dick mass whale hunting spree started in 17th century all over the world. Whales were slaughtered around not to the Japanese knowing much of it. I don't know for sure what they wanted out of whales.

Then the Admiral Matthew Perry from America came to Japan during the isolation era in 1853, with 3 big steam ship carrying big cannons. The request was to open up the country and provide the west a whale hunting base. There the Japanese got to know that the wheals were hunted like crazy in the rest of the world.

Let me put to you this way, the Japanese had been enjoying this secretly smoking weeds for his small party by thanking the god of earth for growing weeds. And all of a sudden, there came big crowds of party animals tripped out with cocaine and LSD, yelling, dancing and stomping around the ground, and all of a sudden they disappeared.


Now they came back to the Japanese and started preaching us that smoking marijuana is bad, whale hunting is cruel.

Don't you guys have more problems of your own to mind?