Friday, April 11, 2008

Texas energy from wind stupidity

The legislature of the State of Texas has mandated that all power produced in Texas 3% to 10% must be generated from renewable resource, such as wind. The power companies in an attempt to comply with this political correct, environmental friendly edict erected huge wind mill farms in West Texas. West Texas were the land is flat and the wind is strong. What the idiots in the state legislature failed to factor in was the cost of transmitting that energy from the wind farms to the population centers of Texas. The cost can be as much as $5.75 billion to construct the transmission lines needed. The power companies do not plan to absorb this mandated expense but plan to past that cost on to the rate payers. Meaning because of environmental wackos, political correctness, and spineless legislators, the cost of electricity in Texas will sky rocket. Now remember these bums in the state legislature told us the deregulation of electricity in Texas would bring down the cost of electric and that has not come true

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Rick said...

Since you're in Texas you might appreciate this.

Saturday mornings on 570AM KLIF is a show called Wheels by a fella named Ed Wallace. The show is primarily about the automobile industry but Ed puts a few good twists into his show.

The first is his Oil Report where he reports about the Oil industry and Energy in general. You'll probably love his opinions on Ethanol and Wind.

The second, and probably greatest, segment of his show is the "Backside of American History" Which proclaims to be about "Something you didn't learn in school" it is my personal favorite of the show.

And finally there is Second Hand News which reports stories you don't see in the mainstream press. Another great segment.

Ed also runs a website called which has links related to the auto industry but more importantly has a news aggregator which Ed updates twice a day. These are articles you don't really see very often in the MSM. Its a great site.

Ed also writes for Business Week. Here are two of his best columns, one of which is on Ethanol.