Saturday, April 5, 2008

Public relations victory for the communist in China?

When the communist threw out the foreign journalist in Tibet, it became a public relations disaster for the communist. This left the bias Western news media no choice but to abandon their love affair with communism and support the Tibetan Buddhist monks. Recently the overlords of the Middle Kingdom permitted 20 selected journalist (except CNN, who can blame them for excluding CNN?), and some diplomats to travel to Tibet. As a result of this dog bone thrown at the slanted Western news media, That Dallas Morning news who one time reported China "annexed' Tibet, now reports that Tibet is a region of China. So the comrade commissars have one a little victory here. Just like their hero once said, (paraphrasing here): every great journey begins with a first step.

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B-Media said...

I assume your slueth got his information from the same source as

Well all these reasons are false.

They say the cold weather meant soldiers dressed in jackets, and that they have patches on their right sleeve. Well looking at other photos by AP of chinese soldiers: both these things are untrue.

I don't see any reason why this photo can't be from the Lhasa protest. You say the people behind them look too calm... perhaps but these hardly a disproof.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. Like you, I also found this photo highly suspect, but what I find even more suspect is China's flawed defense. Also, if it's a photo of some movie called "The Touch," why can't they produce the actual source of the photo or at least a screen shot of a group of monks?