Sunday, April 20, 2008

Code Pink puts the peddle to the metal

The anti-American, anti-U.S. military group, Code Pink left their comfort zones of San Francisco and Berkeley, California. They went to the Little Havana section of Miami, Florida. Code Pink wanted to protest Luis Posada Carriles, who is an anti-communist militant Cuban exile who is accused of terrorism and is under house arrest in Miami. The patriotic citizens of Miami ran Code Pink off, as Code Pink sped away in fear as cowards do.

Also Code Pink tried to hold a demonstration in Washington, DC, our nation's capital. This city is home to anti government, anti USA, anti something demonstrations all year long. All are tolerated by Washingtonians, except the day Code Pink came to town. Then the patriots in Washington came out in support of our United States military and it's brave men and women who defend and protect our nation.

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