Thursday, April 3, 2008

Communist in China public relation disaster

The communist in China sentenced Chinese citizen Hu Jia for exercising his rights under the Chinese constitution adopted December 4th, 1982, which reads in part:

"Citizens of the People's Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration."

Mr. Hu Jia was arrested for postings on the Internet and talking with foreign journalist. Apparently those empowered with enforcing the law in China do not read the law, their very own Constitution.

Also China has supported the despotic regime in Khartoum, Sudan. Where the genocide in Darfur is taking place. The Chinese delegation to the United Nations continually vetoes any attempt at the U.N. trying to send peace keeping troops in Darfur to stop the genocide committed by the Chinese support government in Khartoum. This behavior is in keeping with the communist oppression of the culture in Tibet, and the Buddhist monks.

Whoever is responsible for the public relations in China needs to be sent to a gulag as this is the year of the Olympics in Beijing.

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Satoshi said...

China's not the constitutional country in the first place. That's People's Republic of China where "People" governs people without any written rules. As a matter fact 70% of the judges at courts in China are not trained law experts but mostly retired army veterans and police officers. They are good at lynching and torturing and that's what matters to be qualified.

Suppose I were the dictator there, I would probably do the same as CCP is doing now if my responsibility is to unite this many people under single government. You can't listen to everybody in order for a nation of 1.3B to get going. Because if you grant people human rights, this1.3B people will fall apart and it will be a long running civil war.

You've got to bulldoze down the citizens when an Olympic stadium is needed. You've got to poison its own people with industrial waste to earn money. In other words China is the world's richest country in terms of resources. And the resource is human lives. China is turning its economy through burning human lives. It may sound outrageous to western ideologists but this is how China has been in the last 2200 years since the Qing dynasty united the races across China. Ever since, 125 emperors have ruled the entire China of today’s geographical size in the same manner as CCP is doing now. It’s an obsession to rule the entire country under one government. This is what every China man still thinks macho and cool thing to do. They are still left out in the ancient imperial time.

So I repeat the question to myself again. Would I get the country going by slaughtering people and pursuing anachronistic territorial expansion? Hell no! I would certainly go for the federal states of China. That is the only way that China can move into another stage of development. Otherwise they will just keep repeating the history.