Monday, April 14, 2008

Darfur proves liberalism is a mental disorder

The Dallas Morning News published a column written by Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times in New York City. This column proves the weakness of being a liberal as liberals are all emotion and void of all rational thought. Remember now The New York Times has aided terrorist by continually publishing the United States of America's secrets in relation to combating terrorism. The American news media finds fault when the American military is used to protect American interest which is constitutional. These liberals want the American military to be used for humanitarian missions. This column urges the U.S. to get involved military in Darfur, Sudan. The military stragist at The New York Times recommend that when Sudan sends its bombers to civilians, not to interfere. However when the bombers land back at their base after killing innocent civilians in Darfur, wait a day or two, then bomb the bombers while they sit idle on the ground. So they want the U.S. to take action after the civilians have been killed, not to act to prevent civilians from being murdered. Also Darfur should be addressed by a United Nations Peacekeeping force (U.N.), however whenever the subject comes up at the Security Council, it is Communist China which veto's the idea, thus allowing the genocide to continue in Darfur.

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