Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Did the Chinese army stage the Tibetan riots?

There is a photography circulating around the Internet showing members of the army of Communist China with the robes of Tibetan Buddhist monks in their arms. To all the world this photograph looks like proof that the Chinese army did indeed dress up like Buddhist Monks in Tibet to stage the recent riots.

However upon further examination the truth can be told. Although the truth is not a rare commodity in China due to the Communist throwing the bias western media out of Tibet. The truth about the photograph is that movie was being filmed in either Tibet or China around the year 2003. A scene called for Tibetan monks. The monks in Tibet refused to participate in the movie. That is when the Chinese army was issued the robes to play as extras in that movie. The photograph is entirely innocent, but because of the oppressive actions of the communist in China, rumors abound. So this miss-information circulating the Internet can only be attributed to the actions of the Communist and their desire to be oppressive.

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