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South Korean students urged by dishonorable adults

South Korean students urged by
 dishonorable adults

In the Sea of Japan sit a group of small islets (very small islands or large rocks) called the Liancourt Rocks.  Known in Japan as Takeshima, and in South Korea as Dokdo.  Both nations claim the islands, South Korea occupies them. 

Students at a middle school in South Korea’s Sejong Special Autonomus City sent 36 post cards to middle school students in Japan.  The post cards were in reference to Takeshima, reading that Dokdo belongs to South Korea.  Some examples as reported in The Asahi Shimbun on December 17, 2018:

“I want you to know that Dokdo is South Korean territory,” the postcards read. The students wrote their plea in Korean and English, adding, “Please don’t blindly accept what the Japanese textbooks say.” Some students drew illustrations of the islets with a Korean flag.”

Post cards related articles:

CORRECTION:  The recent banner display and small fire at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, Japan, was done by a Chinese man from Hong Kong, not Korean. 

In 1960 USA ambassador to Japan Douglas MacArthur II (nephew to General Douglas MacArthur) sent a telegram to the U.S. State Department (see links below).  In the telegram he states Takeshima belongs to Japan and the U.S. government should pressure South Korea to return the islands.  The telegram was sent to the National Archives in Washington, DC.  The National Archives is a repository assigned to preserve government documents.  An archivist at the National Archives the telegram was authentic.

Douglas MacArthur’s telegram on PropagandaBuster’s blog:

Douglas MacArthur’s telegram appeared on this Japanese website:

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