Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hello South Korea, Japan calling…….dial tone

Hello South Korea, Japan calling…….dial tone

Recently in the Sea of Japan, a South Korean Coast Guard vessel and a South Korean naval vessel the Gwanggaeto the great destroyer DDH 971, attempting to rescue a stranded North Korean fishing vessel.   A nice gesture by the South Koreans.

According to the Japanese this was taking place within their EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone).  Resulting in Japan sending a Maritime Self Defense Force aircraft, a Kawasaki P-1 to investigate.  While the P-1 was on scene, the South Korean destroyer engaged their Fire Control Radar lock on the Japanese P-1. 

By all international standards the Japanese could have responded by firing at the vessel, but did not.  Then the Japanese attempted to radio the South Korean vessel on a few different frequencies.  The South Koreans did not respond which could have escalated the situation.  However the Japanese left the area to avoid any hostile activity.

Hopefully the good people in South Korean would impress upon the dopes in their government that Japan is not an adversary but an ally. 

South Korean reporting:

The Diplomat’s article in reference to the incident:

Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force video of the incident:

South Korean news article with questionable EEZ between the two nations (Korea-Japan Intermediate Waters):

Fire Control Radar lock is considered an hostile act:

Fire Control Radar Lock:

South Korean news agency video report on the incident:

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