Thursday, January 24, 2019

Covington High School students betrayed by their Bishop

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Covington High School students 
betrayed by their Bishop 

The high school children come from a Catholic High School in Kentucky.  They were in Washington, DC for the pro-life (anti-abortion) rally that happened in Washington.  After the event they went to the Lincoln Memorial to wait for the buses to take them back to Kentucky.

While waiting for the buses a group called “Black Hebrew Israelites,” were near them harassing the children with insults, cursing, and racists’ comments.  In the middle of this a Native American decided to defuse the situation and walked up to the children, not the Black Hebrew Israelites who started and continued with the insults. 

The Native America a known provocateur beating a drum close up to one of the students.  Liberals and the news media decided the children were wrong and racists.  Because they incorporated the three items liberals hate: 1) pro-life, 2) Roman Catholic, 3) Trump supporter. 

The students attend Covington High School in Covington.  The worst part is the Covington Catholic diocese were critical of their students and issued an apology to the Native American provocateur.

The worst part of this is their Bishop, Bishop Foys and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops – USCCB – all condemned the students.   Even after video emerged showing the students were victims of the racist adults, the Catholic bishops refused to alter their condemnation of the students.     

Video showing a student and Native American that caused the controversy:

The truth on what happened between the students and the Native American:

Catholic diocese prematurely judges the students:

Catholic News agency reporting the disgusting actions on the part of the Covington Catholic Diocese, Bishop Foys, and the Archbishop Joseph Kurtz:

Covington Bishop Foy continues to condemn the students even after new evidence emerges:

The adults were wrong, not the students:

Video showing it was the students that were harassed:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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