Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shame on the Japanese

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   Shame on the Japanese

Sea Shepherd is in the Southern Ocean looking for the Japanese whaling fleet and claim the Japanese are unfair and being somewhat deceitful.  Huh?

Yahoo News reports in part:

“Japanese ships are complicating matters by taking far fewer whales this season, with a reduced quota of 333, down from the 1,035 the government authorized in the past.

‘They can take the quota in far less time, which gives us much less time to search for them,’ Watson said.”

Criminal Watson is complaining the Japanese whaling fleet reduced the number of whales to harvest and that reduction interferes with Sea Shepherd’s efforts to locate the fleet to subject them to harassment.  What?

The Japanese reduced their quota from 1,035 whales to 333.  That interprets to around 700 whales will not be harvested.  Is that not part of Sea Shepherd’s mission to save whales?  Seven hundred whales will not be harvested and Sea Shepherd is complaining. 

Sea Shepherd claims by reducing the numbers to be harvested that also reduces the time spent in the Southern Ocean by the whaling fleet.  This reduced time also reduces the time Sea Shepherd has to locate the fleet.  So?   Why complain, bottom line: 700 whales will not be harvested.  That should bring joy in Mudville.

Sure that is the bottom line if that was Sea Shepherd’s goal.  Complaining about the reduce whale quota only exposes Sea Shepherd’s true mission that of expressing hate for the people and nation of Japan. 

Sea Shepherd minions donated millions of dollars to grow their fleet from one rust-bucket garbage scow to nine rust-bucket garbage scows.  Also this expansion allowed the criminal cult leader to promote himself by wearing a cosplay admiral’s costume. 

With nine vessels under his command he only sent ONE vessel to locate the Japanese whaling fleet, the rust-bucket garbage scow MY Steve Irwin.  They sent ONE vessel to scour the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean hunting the Japanese.  So then what did the Japanese do?  Well according to the criminal cult leader they pulled a fast one by reducing their quota in essence reducing their time whaling. 

Watson claims only one vessel was sent to the Southern Ocean because the other rust-bucket garbage scows were busy in the Faroe Islands.  That Faroe Islands campaign ended in September and this is five months later.  Truth is Sea Shepherd does not want to locate the Japanese whaling fleet.          

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