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Sea Shepherd success in confronting the Japanese whaling fleet?

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Sea Shepherd success in confronting the Japanese whaling fleet?

The Japanese whaling season in the Southern Ocean is over and Sea Shepherd did not save one whale.  Sea Shepherd enjoys a fleet of nine ocean going vessels and sent only ONE, the MV Steve Irwin on a mission to locate the Japanese fleet.  That mission was titled Operation Icefish and was a total failure lead by Siddharth Chakravarty.

It was a total failure not by accident but by design.  While the Japanese where harvesting whales in the Southern Ocean Siddharth Chakravarty and crew sailed the MV Steve Irwin into Indonesian.  In Indonesian waters they joyfully photographed the Viking Fishing vessel captured by the Indonesian Navy.  Huh?  Sea Shepherd photographs in Indonesia waters over 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers) from the Japanese.  

Sea Shepherd is in the Southern Ocean looking for the Japanese whaling fleet and claim the Japanese are unfair and being somewhat deceitful.  Huh?

Sea Shepherd minions donated millions of dollars to grow their fleet from one rust-bucket garbage scow to nine rust-bucket garbage scows.  Also this expansion allowed the criminal cult leader to promote himself by wearing a cosplay admiral’s costume. 

With nine vessels under his command he only sent ONE vessel to locate the Japanese whaling fleet, the rust-bucket garbage scow MY Steve Irwin.  They sent ONE vessel to scour the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean hunting the Japanese.  So then what did the Japanese do?  Well according to the criminal cult leader they pulled a fast one by reducing their quota in essence reducing their time whaling. 

Watson claims only one vessel was sent to the Southern Ocean because the other rust-bucket garbage scows were busy in the Faroe Islands.  That Faroe Islands campaign ended in September and this is five months later.  Truth is Sea Shepherd does not want to locate the Japanese whaling fleet.

Since Japan reinterpreted their Constitution Sea Shepherd now fears an interdiction by the Japanese Navy or Cost Guard.  Because of this fear they sent one vessel to search for the Japanese in Indonesian waters instead of the Southern Ocean. 

Sea Shepherd has not saved one whale in the Faroe Islands.  When Sea Shepherd was in the Faroe Islands hundreds of whales were slaughtered on the beaches while Sea Shepherd disposable minions watched.  In Taiji, Japan Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians “document for the world” the harvesting of dolphins and the harvesting continues year after year with not one dolphin saved by Sea Shepherd.  Now in the Southern Ocean Japan’s whaling fleeting harvested whales without any interference by Sea Shepherd.

With zero success they have not saved one dolphin or whale but suckers continue to donate.  These donations allow the criminal cult leader cosplay Watson to wear his cosplay admiral costume in Paris, France enjoying a luxurious life style he is entitled to.  The money also supports Sea Shepherd’s elites sailing on their nine vessels playing pirate while not saving any dolphins or whales.    
Sea Shepherd announcing their vessel the MV Steve Irwin set sail for the Southern Ocean:

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