Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Apple “no” to USA and “yes” to China

Apple “no” to USA and “yes” to China

December 2, 2015 a savage terrorist husband and wife team viciously murdered innocent fourteen people in San Bernardino, California.  After committing the act of savagery they used their Apple cell phone before meeting deserved justice applied by bullets from law enforcement.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is attempting to determine who was called on their Apple cellphone.  Apple has on their phone a feature that automatically erases all data on the cell phone after ten unsuccessful attempts to enter the correct password.

A court order was issued requiring Apple to disable the feature on this one cell phone.  Apple has refused to comply with the court order in essence protecting possible terrorists called on that cell phone. 

Now transpose that with Apple’s relationship with the Communist government in China.  Apple agreed to turn over security codes on all their cell phones sold in China to the government.  This allows the communist government to spy on all their citizens who unwittingly use Apple cell phones in China.

Apple refuses to assist the USA in identifying possible terrorists while at the same time assisting the communist government in China to spy on their citizens.

Are you about to purchase an Apple product?        

Apple cooperates with China’s government:

Apple refuses to assist the FBI but agreed to assist Communist China:

Apple helping China spy on it’s citizens:

Apple agrees to help China’s Communist government:

Apple’s pact with Communist China:

Apple opposes the FBI:

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