Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Japan worries about a President Donald Trump

Japan worries about a 
President Donald Trump
To friends in Japan:

Seems like many in Japan are concerned about Donald Trump and some of his critical comments regarding Japan.  Please have no fear.

Consider the alternative: President Hillary Clinton?  Remember Hillary and her husband both accepted money from the Chinese and are now owned by China.   

When China makes their move on the Senkaku Islands who do you think would employ the U.S. military to assist Japan?  President Hillary purchased by the Chinese or President Trump who is critical of trade deals with Japan?  

I am betting President Trump would employ the U.S. military in defense of Japan, while President Hillary will bow to her overlords in Beijing who bought and paid for her and her husband.

Article on Bill Clinton’s Chinese money:

Article on Hillary Rotten Clinton’s Chinese money:

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