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Comfort Women proof of

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Comfort Women proof of………..
Located at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland (outside Washington, DC) two folders containing Comfort Women material. 

Most of the material consisted of items added within the last fifteen or twenty years supporting the version as promoted by the Comfort Women Mafia (blaming Japan and labeling the Comfort Women as sex slaves forced by the Japanese military into sexual slavery).

In one of the located folders appeared three documents created by the United States military during World War Two.  Titles:

-          Amenities in the Japanese Armed Forces, dated 15 November 1945

-          Amenities in the Japanese Armed Forces, dated 16 February 1945

-          Psychological Warfare Interrogation Bulletin No 2
Based on extensive interrogations of Japanese prisoners of war, the U.S. was able to put together the extensive operational procedures by the Japanese Imperial Military throughout the occupied areas.

Index section nine titled “Brothels.”  Reading this section it clearly states the operators of the “relaxation centers” (Comfort Women stations) were houses of prostitution operated by civilians employing prostitutes from Japan, China, and Korea.

The documents disprove the lies as promoted by the Comfort Women Mafia.  According to the United States military the brothels consisted of prostitutes who were recruited by civilian brothel owners.

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