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Sea Shepherd attacks an outhouse

Sea Shepherd attacks an outhouse

Sea Shepherd’s RV on the Columbia River between the states of Oregon and Washington rammed / attacked / crashed into an outhouse belonging to the Army Corps of Engineers.  The outhouse won!!!
Sea Shepherd Dam Guardians after attacking an outhouse had to be towed
Sea Shepherd’s RV was being operated by their subgroup “Dam Guardians, “or “Dump Guardians,” since they attacked an outhouse. 

Sea Shepherd recently with their “Operation Zero Tolerance” in the Southern Ocean continually rammed a refueling vessel attempting to refuel the Japanese whaling fleet.  Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians in March ended their campaign in Taiji, Japan harassing the locals in this remote village.

Now they are on the Columbia River in the USA on the Oregon and Washington border harassing outhouses, the locals, and Native Americans.  They do this with the donations from Sea Suckers around the world who continually coughs up money.  With this money the cult group engages in reckless and destructive behavior with no regard to cost as they are receiving a continued supply of
Sea Shepherd Dam Guardians vs. outhouse 
money from suckers. 

On the Columbia River between the states of Washington, and Oregon there are a series of dams.  The first dam before reaching the ocean is the Bonneville Dam.  There are water steps at this dam for the salmon to swim up to mate / spawn further upriver. 

At the bottom of the dam by the steps sea lions have arrived to eat the salmon.  These sea lions are causing a problem in the salmon reproduction cycle and harming the livelihood of the Native Americans further upriver.

The United States government, the states of Oregon, Washington, and a Federal Court of authorized, and approved the eliminating a certain amount of sea lions at the dam’s location.  Meaning it is legal to hunt these sea lions.

Sea Shepherd Dam Guardians and the outhouse attack 
Sea Shepherd in an attempt to stop the eliminating of sea lions has initiated a campaign titled “Dam Guardians.”  They are asking volunteers to protest, and document this sea lion hunt.  Basically they are trying to harm the livelihood and food supply to the Native Americans along the river. 

Sea Shepherd drones claim the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River has caused more harm to the salmon than the sea lions.  They claim the dam should not be there.  The Dam Guardians are divided into two groups:  One group is housed in that odor emitting ramming crashed RV, while the second group is housed in the comfort of two palatial suites.  They only emerge from the warmth of these two suites when photo / video opportunities arise. 

The hypocrisy here is those two palatial suites are heat by the electricity generated from the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River they claim should not be there and is causing harm.  Power supplied from the Bonneville Power Administration – BPA.   

The Dam Guardians have also photographed themselves standing at the water’s edge with their arms crossed is self-righteous indignation just as their counterparts did in Taiji, Japan. 

Why is it Sea Shepherd is always targeting indigenous people?      

Sea Shepherd verses the outhouse and the outhouse won.

Below are the two Facebook pages with the hallucinations of Sea Shepherd’s Dam Guardians:!/SeaShepherdUSA?fref=ts

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Sea Shepherd Dam Guardians and the outhouse

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