Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gray wolves killing agricultural livestock

Gray wolves killing agricultural livestock

The gray wolves in the USA are currently listed as an endangered species by the federal government.  The United States Department of Interior is considering lifted the wolves from that list, allowing individual states in the lower 48 to make that determination.    

An article from The Associated Press – AP, appearing in the April 27, 2013 issue of The Dallas Morning News is riddled with political correctness seeming to side with the animal rights and their hallucinations. 

In the article it reads in reference to wolves attacking livestock, “…..whose stock at times become prey for hungry wolf packs.”   “At times become prey?”   We are to believe occasionally livestock fall victim to wolves and that is why ranchers want to reduce the wolves’ population.  Further in the article the AP list the diet of the gray wolf, and list: Elk, moose, deer, caribou, smaller mammals: scavenger. 

Notice dogs, goats, cows, pigs, and chickens were left off the diet list.  That is political correctness attempting to cleanse the dietary habits of wolves that include the livestock of farmers and ranchers.  Proving these animal rights and environmentalist are in essences anti-capitalist, and to some degree anti-human.        

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