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Qatar, Olympic statues, and pornography

Qatar, Olympic statues, and pornography

The Middle Eastern nation of Qatar had an Olympic exhibit at one of their museums in the city of Doha.  Qatar requested from Greece (the birthplace of the Olympics) some artifacts to bolster the exhibition.  The nation of Greece complied and sent numerous ancient Olympic artifacts to the museum.

Two of the objects did not meet with the approval of the officials in Qatar, a Muslim nation.  The two statues are of nude men exposing their private parts.  A Qatar Culture Ministry official requested to place a veil on the offending regions of the two statures.  They did not want to offend the sensibilities of the Muslim females in Qatar.  They were being sensitive to the feelings, customs, and beliefs of their citizens.    

Greek Deputy Culture Minister Costas Tzavaras said the statues should be displayed as they are or shipped home.  The officials in Qatar shipped the pornographic statues back to Greece.  These statues are two to four thousands year old works of art.  Works of art in Greece, while being works of pornography in Qatar.  These statues because of their age, and art classification does not immune them from be labeled as pornography.  Believe it or not there was pornography two to four thousand years ago and to some these statues serve as proof. 

The nation and people of Qatar are to be commended for maintain the decency of their culture as they interpret it because it is their country.  What may be are in Greece or the West, is offensive in Qatar, and should be respected while in both countries.

A U.S. judge once ruling on a case involving pornography once said (paraphrasing), “I cannot explain what pornography is but I know it when I see it.”         

U.S. judge about pornography:

Qatar is a Muslim peninsular nation jutting out into the Persian Gulf.  The exhibit and museum in Doha, Qatar. 

Article about the statues in Qatar and sent back to Greece:

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