Friday, May 24, 2013

AP’s revenge on President Obama

AP’s revenge on President Obama

Day after day the scandals are dropping involving the Obama White House (Democrats):
-          Benghazi cover-up where four Americans were murdered followed by continuous lies from the Obama Administration in support of a cover-up.
-          IRS (Internal Revenue Service) abusing their authority to suppress opposition to Democrats, liberalism, and the Obama administration.  Patriots and Tea Party groups were among those targeted by the IRS / Obama regime.
-          EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) FOA request (Freedom of Information) filed by liberal groups were granted at no charge.  FOA request made by conservative groups where charged for the information requested.
-          DOJ (Department of Justice, led by Democrat Attorney General Eric Holder obtained telephone records of calls made to and from telephone lines belonging to the AP (the Associated Press).  This was done to identify the “leaks” within government passing on sensitive information to the AP.
This is where the Obama thugs crossed the line with the bias news media.  Speculation is had President Obama telephoned the head of the AP and requested the information, the dutiful AP would have turned over the telephone records.  Having gained the information in secret upset Obama’s lackeys at AP and set the revenge train in motion.  Can you hear the whistle blowing?
A few days after it was announced what the Obama Justice Department did to the AP; The Dallas Morning News printed an article from the AP concerning endangered species birds being killed after flying into windmills.  The operators of these windmills (clean energy) after the birds are killed did not face fines from the government.  Whereas those protected species (birds: Eagles, etc.) who are electrocuted on power lines from coal fired electric plants have been assessed fines.  Endangered birds that die from oil spills in water also have been subject to harsh fines. 
Basically the AP reported a double standard by the Obama Regime when protecting endangered species (birds).  No fines if killed from clean energy sources while fines are assessed if killed from fossil fuel energy sources.  Prior to the AP being targeted by the Obama Justice Department if the AP would have written that article it would have been to vilify the fossil fuel industry for murdering endangered species.  Instead it was written with the tone of heavy handed, one-sided, bias enforcement from Obama’s lackeys in government.

Pay back?  Revenge?  You decide….     

AP article in referenced concerning telephone records:

AP article concerning endangered species enforcement by the Obama Administration:

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