Monday, May 13, 2013

Okinawa part of China?

Okinawa part of China?
According to Chinese academics Okinawa, Japan should be Okinawa, China.  The academic commies claim Okinawa belongs to China, not Japan.  Just another example of commie aggressive behavior in stealing lands and territorial waters not belonging to The Middle Kingdom (current day China).

The academics at the commie “Chinese Academy of Social Sciences” published a paper in the commie “Peoples Daily” making the claim Okinawa belongs to China.  Their assertions to bolster their hallucinations are: 

1 - Way back in history Okinawans paid tribute to Chinese emperors.  This payment of tribute is interpreted as meaning Okinawa belonged to China.  Truth is Japan through their island of Okinawa paid tribute to China thus allowing Japan to engage in trade with China.  This “tribute” thing has legs because using this line of thinking then other countries belong to China.

The following countries also paid tribute to the Chinese emperors:
Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Borneo, Indonesia, and Central Asia (the current nations constituting “Central Asia” are: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan).  At one time China paid tribute to Tibet.  Does that mean China belongs to Tibet?   

2 - Resulting from the Sino Japanese War (war between China and Japan) was a treaty of 1895 the “Treaty of Shimonoseki.”  The commie academic claim this treaty awarded Japan the island of Okinawa.  They claim when Japan lost World War Two it negated the 1895 treaty.  Huh? 

Does that mean in the 1895 treaty there was a part stating if Japan lost World War Two the treaty becomes void?  How did they know in 1895 there was going to be a world war forty-four years into the future?      

The commies in China continue to behave like bullies in Asia with their neighbors.  They stole islands from the Philippines, about the confiscate territorial waters belonging to Vietnam.  They continue to violate the territorial integrity of Japan’s Senkaku Islands.  These commies behave as American liberals do:  they are never satisfied.  Once a goal is achieved they then advance on to another.

What the commies in China are missing is this belligerent behavior is helping Japan’s Prime Minister Abe.  Mr. Abe wants to enhance Japan’s military and modify Article 9 of their constitution.  Article 9 of the Japanese constitution severely limits the role and activities of Japan’s “Self Defense Forces.”

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Baumn Linhault said...

Thank you for up loading article.I always enjoy watching your video on YouTube .Your video always teach me lesson about diplomacy.
As you mentioned, Okinawa belongs to ours clearly. But,there is one-thing I cannot stop thinking. That is ' We must have arms'. In order not only to protect Okinawa from invader such as North Korea,China,but also be independent of USA. We can't rely on the U.S.‐Japan Security Treat any longer.(I do against having Nuclear bomb as long as I live according to'武士道',though.)
I'm sorry to bother you,butI appreciate if you tell me how Japan should protect our land.
name: Segawa Satoshi

Baumn Linhault said...
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Baumn Linhault said...
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