Monday, February 25, 2013

Sea Shepherd ramming, video proof

Sea Shepherd ramming, video proof

Sea Shepherd claiming they were rammed by the Japanese mariners.  However video and photographs from the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR, clearly demonstrate Sea Shepherd’s Bob Barker was playing bumper boats.

Cabin Boy / Peter Helmethead on the Bob Barker playing a dangerous game of ram and ram.  As a result Pope Paul the Watson (Captain Kangaroo, the Paulrus, the fugitive) appealed to the Australian government to send a military vessel.  Fugitive Watson claimed Australian registered vessels were being rammed by the Japanese.

Be careful what you wish for.  A military vessel arrived, but it was not sailing under the Australian flag, it was sailing under The Rising Sun flag, flag of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces – JMSDF.  The Japanese military icebreaker “Shirase” with a crew of 250 well trained, and discipline, and three helicopters, arrived to Watson’s surprise and shock.     

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Anonymous said...

And it looks like the Shiarse is there not to confront SSCS but to tow the Cetacean Death Star Nisshin Maru back to Japan or above 60deg to refuel. They spent the last week zig zagging below 60 deg. Trying to run out of fuel so SSCS could look like they created a dangerous situation at sea. The Sea Shepherds have said that they will allow a refueling to take place above 60 deg. but the whalers are too proud to give in to that. And then they are going to try to blame SSCS for making them run dry. The Nisshin Maru could be full right mow if they would of just complied with International Law and refueled above 60deg.

Then the icr edits their media releases so that all it shows is SSCS ships but then when you see the video released by SSCS you can totally see the Nisshin Marun make a hard to port turn and fish tailed into the BB who was cruising along side the NM. So you tell me who is at fault for these collisions. SSCS is just enforcing laws that are being violated. Which is why every single nation in the world condemns what they are doing but SSCS is the only people that have the balls to stand up to this gigantuan government. Japanese coast guard are not allowed in the Australian EEZ but look the Shona Maru #2 entered didnt they. With Japanese coast guard on board. Then they try to order a Australian flagged vessel out of its own waters. SO you tell me ho is doing the illegal acts.