Thursday, February 14, 2013

HATE from love the dolphin and whale crowd

Here is a message I received via Facebook from a “save-the-dolphin, anti-whaler” type:

“Whales are highly complex animals, and suffer excruciating pain when they're inhumanly harpooned, yet you have the absolute arrogance to make fun of people who try and stop them? How can you look into a cetacean's eyes and not feel any kind of an emotion when its life is being tortured by human beings who just don't care for it at all? We're not the only species living on this planet Tony. Either you're with me or against me the choice is yours but I'm warning you not to make the wrong one or I guarantee you'll end up regretting it. Think I'm wrong? Well think again. Besides mankind has no quarrel with nature just like an ant has no quarrel with a boot.”

Here was my reply:

“Hello Bradley,

Thank you for your hateful and threatening message, as it continued to support the negative image projected by your type.

Face it any animal slaughtered for food feels pain.  So by your emotional measurement we should not eat anything that has life be it animal or plants, because all have feelings.  So are you telling me you survive by eating rocks and sand?

Please have a nice day as your message enhanced mine.


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