Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Abortion, Kill Americans, no fathers, and media bias

Abortion, Kill Americans, no fathers, and
media bias

Three examples of bias in the American news media.

The Dallas Morning News reported the Catholic Church (Hospital) in Colorado acknowledged a fetus is not a human.  The Dallas Morning News failed to print the rest of the story.  It had to do with a Catholic hospital in Colorado being sued for the wrongful death of two babies in the womb prior to birth.  Colorado law does not recognize a fetus as a human until birth.  So the Catholic Hospital quoted Colorado law questioning how they can be sued for wrongful death when the babies died prior to birth and per the law were not human.

The Obama administration issued a memo giving them the legal right to eliminate terrorists without due process including an American citizen.  Yet no outcry by the media.  However all during President Bush’s eight years the news media kept bemoaning the loss of liberties under the Patriot Act.  Basically if a Republican is in the White House listening to phone conversation between Americans and known terrorist overseas, that media screams American liberties being violated.  Then when a Democrat is in the White House making it legal to murder Americans, basic silence by the media.

The Dallas Morning News published an editorial finding fault with certain affluent zip codes the children have a greater success record in education as oppose to children in poorer zip codes.  The editorial seems to think to fix this inequity more money is needed in poorer zip code schools.  Nowhere in the editorial was it mentioned the poor zip codes suffer from a lack of two parent families as oppose to the affluent zip codes.  Political correctness would not permit the newspaper to mention the poor family unit as the cause.            

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