Monday, February 25, 2013

Sea Shepherd bumper boats

Sea Shepherd bumper boats

Cabin Boy / Peter Helmethead on the rust bucket garbage scow played a dangerous game of bumper boats in the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean.

Sea Shepherd claiming they were rammed by the Japanese mariners.  However video and photographs from the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR, clearly demonstrate Sea Shepherd’s Bob Barker was playing bumper boats.

Cabin Boy / Peter Helmethead on the Bob Barker playing a dangerous game of ram and ram.  As a result Pope Paul the Watson (Captain Kangaroo, the Paulrus, the fugitive) appealed to the Australian government to send a military vessel.  Fugitive Watson claimed Australian registered vessels were being rammed by the Japanese.

Be careful what you wish for.  A military vessel arrived, but it was not sailing under the Australian flag, it was sailing under The Rising Sun flag, flag of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces – JMSDF.  The Japanese military icebreaker “Shirase” with a crew of 250 well trained, and discipline, and three helicopters, arrived to Watson’s surprise and shock.    

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