Friday, February 22, 2013

Racism in Japan

Racism in Japan
An English teacher in Japan posted a video (see link below) concerning racism in Japan.  He mentions the majority of his class sees racism as an American problem.  This misconception about racism being solely an American problem can be traced to Hollywood (pervert thespians) and the American News Media.

Hollywood and the American news media for years portray and report racism in America as being one sided and continued to dwell on that lie.  According to the pervert thespians and news media only white folks are racist and refuse to illustrate or report any racism conducted by other demographic groups in the USA.

It should also be noted every country on this planet racism and discrimination can be located.  America is not the only one, nor is Japan.  The gentleman in the below linked video reviews racism in Japan as he evaluates it.  Another part of his video mentions many people in Japan are unaware of racism and discrimination in their country.  If they have been influenced by Hollywood and CNN why would they think there is racism / discrimination in Japan compared to the rampart racism / discrimination in the USA?     

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