Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tibetan Uprising Day - Native Americans, no comparison

March 10th, is known as Tibetan Uprising Day in remembrance of the Tibetan uprising 51 years ago in 1959 and the 85,000 Tibetans who died then.

The Tibetans rose up in defense of the Dali Lama against a perceived plot by the Chinese communist (PLA - Peoples Liberation Army, Chairman Mao Zedong leader), to kidnap him. Much like the Panchen Lama who was kidnapped by the Communist Chinese years later.

Past videos posted on this channel in reference to Tibet or Xinjiang result in numerous people from The Middle Kingdom (China), trying to resurrect the treatment of Native Americans and compare it to the conflicts in current day China. However there is no comparison.

Current day Americans acknowledge the wrong committed against the Native Americans. While China admits no wrong doing against any Tibetans. The commies in China justify their actions in Tibet as freeing the Tibetans from slavery and/or serfdom. Native Americans are some of the most patriotic Americans. Can it be said Tibetans are the some of the most patriotic Chinese?

The last battle of the Indian Wars in the United States was in Arizona in 1918. The same year the United States entered World War One, and yet 12,000 Native Americans joined the U.S. military in defense of the United States. 350,000 Native Americans served in World War Two, and every American war thereafter.
Since 1869, twenty-seven Native Americans have earned the United States highest military award, the Congressional Medal of Honor - CMA.

How many Tibetans currently serve in the PLA (Chinese military)? If China was to go to war, how many Tibetans would take up arms to defend China? There are thousands upon thousands of Tibetan exiles. How many Native American exiles outside the USA are there?

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