Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Attack upon Catholics, again

The American news media is once again in attack mode towards the Roman Catholic Church. This time they are laying the ground work to create a movement to remove Pope Benedict from The Vatican. They are calling for the Holy Father to resign.
This attack is motivated by the leftist in the USA to destroy Christianity. In their battle plan to eliminate Christianity they have been attacking the largest and oldest order in Christendom, the Roman Catholic Church. Then once the Roman Catholic Church fails, the others will fall like dominoes.
The goal is to have Catholics leave the church because of these scandals they hope to lay at the feet of the Pontiff. For argument sake let us say they accomplish their goal and the Pope resigns. And?
Why leave the church because of that? The despicable behavior of molestation? Yep, that is despicable. But reason to leave the church? Many mass murderers in the USA, how many citizens forfeited their citizenship because of them? The Pope resigns so should Catholics resign from the church also?
When President Richard Nixon resigned from the office of the President, how many Americans surrendered their citizenship? You do not run in time of turmoil. You stay in the church to support those multiple of good people who are in and part of the church, and build upon those good folks.

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