Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tony in Japan, the book!

Around April 25, 2010 in book stores all across Japan appearing will be a book by and of me (Tony, aka: Propagandabuster). The book being released by Asuka Shinsha INC (Asukashinsha), a publisher in Tokyo. The name of the book: "The Speeches of Texas Daddy."

The book consists of short videos made by me on topics submitted by the publisher, of interest to the people in Japan. These videos have not appeared on YouTube or the Internet. They were produced exclusively for the publisher.

In an effort to make this book widely accessible to the people in Japan the book is only being sold for 1,300 JPY (around $13.00 USA).The book will have a DVD with the videos on it, plus transcripts in English for each of the videos. The book is currently appearing on Amazon.com Japan, and in negotiations to be appearing on Amazaon.com USA.

Amazon Japan:

ISBN-10: 4864100152

ISBN-13: 978-4864100151

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