Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Healthcare - Don't tread on me

Democrats and President Obama passed and signed into law massive unconstitutional health care. Now to deflect from this assault on the constitution, the Democrats are claiming victim status complaining about threats made to them. Do not fall for their subterfuge.
This legislations calls for the hiring of an additional 16,000 IRS agents. Why? In this legislation the "Internal Revenue Service" is written 142. The word "tax" appears 208 times. Why?
It is estimated the additional tax burden upon the citizens of Texas alone would amount to 24 billion dollars.
Pro-life is a core belief in Catholicism, yet Catholic hospitals and a nuns association came out in support of this legislation which favors abortion.
It is unconstitutional because it is forcing Americans to purchase healthcare insurance. Yet the constitution specifically mentions religion, free speech, and being armed. So how come the government is not paying or requiring our participation in religion, free speech, and gun ownership?
So far 13 states are suing to challenge this constitutionally, with another 24 to follow. Them thar Democrats are wishing the short term memory of Americans will save their jobs come this November.
President Obama said healthcare was urgently needed because 123 Americans die each day that do not have health care insurance. The majority of this legislation kicks in until 2014. So is it okay for 123 people to die each day for the next four years?
A recent poll noted 47% doctors leaving the medical field because of this Obamacare Congress & staffers exempted, why?
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