Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jihad Jane / Commie contaminated jewelry

Welcome to the first edition of the "Tony news couple of minutes," attempting to compete with CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times. Basically the whole leftist news media in the United States.

American born Jihad Jane (Colleen Renee LaRose) was recently arrested in Europe. She was planning to murder a European cartoonist named Lars Vilks. Who a few years ago Mr. Vilks drew the Prophet Muhammad's head on the body of a dog. Basically blasphemed the religion of Islam - Muslims.

Mr. Vilks is reported to have said he drew the cartoon as an expression of free speech and to illustrate that he can do it. This man can be accused of free speech malfeasance. Sure most of us enjoy free speech. However with that God given right comes responsibility. Purposely setting out to offend a religion such as Islam is not an exercise in free speech but an exercise in stupidity and disrespect.

The Dallas Morning News reprinted a news article from The Associated Press, journalist named Justin Pritchard. The article in The Dallas Morning news was headlined: "Cadmium content spurs recall of holiday-themed bracelets."

Reading the article, no where did it mention the tainted poisoned bracelets were made in Commie-land, The Middle Kingdom, Commie-led China. However search that same article by the same journalist on the Internet the article was located on numerous news websites. All of which that were located mentioned the product was made in China. It was The Dallas Morning News that decided to protect their comrades in commie-led China by omitting the fact the product was poisoned and produced in The Middle Kingdom.

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