Saturday, June 27, 2009

U.S. Navy with hands tied, follow North Korean rust bucket

North Korea set sail on an aging rust bucket of a ship named the Kang Nam from the port of Nampo (Nampho, South Pyongan Province), with the United States Navy, the ship USS John S. McCain in pursuit. It is believed the Kang Nam has weapons aboard and headed for Burma (Myanmar). This is a violation of a recent United Nations (UN) resolution. Like most resolutions from the U.N. this one is rather ignorant. The resolution stipulated the Korean ship can not be boarded unless the North Koreans give permission. Yeah right, like that is going to happen.

While the navies of the U.S.A. and Japan watched North Korea launch a missile over Japan, and just looked. It seems the looking continues as the U.S. Navy is restricted by spineless politicians to just "looking" once again.

That nut job, Dear Leader, Kim Jung il of the Hermit Kingdom, the commie nation on the Korean peninsular north of the 38th parallel, is having a good laugh at the expense of the civilized world.

The only hope lies with Singapore. It is believed the Kang Nam will need to refuel in Singapore. If the North Koreans refuse to allow the authorities to board the rust bucket, the can deny fuel to the Kang Nam. We can only hope Singapore has the spine the rest of the world as lost.

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