Friday, June 5, 2009

According to President Obama, the USA is a Muslim nation

sident Barack Obama went to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Cairo, Egypt. Prior to this trip, the President met the King of Saudi Arabia and the President bowed to the King. On this recent trip President Obama was not photographed bowing to the King, if he bowed. However the King did award the President a gold medal of merit, a prestigious award. It was the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit (President Bush also received the same award when he visited Saudi Arabia).

President Obama made a statement to the effect that the USA (United States of America) is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. Huh? With the Muslim population in the USA at around .06% (less than one percent), then by that reasoning the following nations must all be Muslim (nations listed with percent of their population are Muslim):

Finland 0.40%
Greece 1.30%
Italy 1.40%
China 1.50%
Australia 1.70%
Norway 1.80%
Canada 2%
Denmark 2%
Luxemburg 2%
Spain 2.30%
Sweden 3%
UK 3%
Germany 3.90%
Austria 4.20%
Switzerland 4.30%
Netherlands 6%
France 9%
India 13%

Video ends with clips from an articulate preacher located in Harlem, New York City, New York State, USA. Here is the link to his YouTube page:

President Obama continues to travel the world apologizing for the USA while at home the nation continues to decline economically.

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