Monday, June 22, 2009

Hawaii's 50th anniversary of statehood to be celebrated with a North Korean missile?

North Korean to celebrate Hawaiis 50th Statehood Anniversary with a missile launch towards the Aloha State.

August 21st, 2009 marks Hawaiis 50th Anniversary as the 50th state to enter the Union, the United States of America (USA). That nut job, Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il, the thug despot of the Hermit Kingdom, the nation north of the 38th parallel on the Korean peninsular, North Korea, is planning to celebrate this 50th anniversary.

The plan on July 4th, 2009 to launch a missile over the Pacific Ocean towards Hawaii. The Democratic Party plans to defend the Hawaiian state using an anti-missile defense system which the Democrats for the last 20 something years will not, and does not work.

It is the system initiated by President Ronald Reagan (Republican) in the 1980s, called Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). The Democrats, the perverts in Hollywood, academia, late night comics, and the news media, all ridiculed President Regan saying it will never work and too complicated. They nicknamed it Star Wars and continued their attack upon this system till this day.

Then how come the Democrats according them a system that does not work to defend our 50th state, Hawaii? Remember now in the 2008 elections Hawaiians who voted, 72% of them voted for the Democratic Party. The highest Democratic voting percentage out of the 50th states. Illinois, President Obamas adopted home state came in 2nd at 62%. Now the Democrats are repaying Hawaii for their support with a defense system they have been claiming does not work.

It would be easy for the USA to knock out the North Korean missile while it is be prepared on the launch pad. However that would cause the lunatic communist in the North to launch an artillery barrage upon the capital of South Korean, Seoul. Seoul with a metropolitan area population of about 23 million, where as Honolulus metropolitan area is about 900,000. So why risk an artillery barrage upon on 23 million people when one can just let the missile be launched towards only 900,000 people?

The truth is thanks to President Reagans foresight this anti-missile system does work and the people of Hawaii have nothing to fear from the communist missile, while at the same time sparing the people of South Korea from an artillery barrage. Thank you President Reagan!!!

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