Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honduras the constitutional process angers Communist and the Obama administration

Ousted president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya was in violation of Hondurass constitution and was dismissed for that by the nations Supreme Court.

The Honduran Constitution states a president can only hold office for one term. Mr. Zelaya was going to hold a national referendum which if passed would have required the National Assembly to meet and discuss repealing the one-term provision in their constitution. The problem is in their constitution it states if an official presents such a referendum, that person must resign so not to gain personally, but allowing future office holders to benefit.

Disposed President Zelaya refused to resign which put him in violation of the constitution. The Supreme Court ordered him out of office and ordered the military to run him out of office. The military followed the constitutional orders from the Supreme Court, disposed the communist president, and turned the government back over to the National Assembly. There was no coup or over throw of the Honduran government. It was a Constitutional process which was followed.

Communist Hugo Chaves from Venezuela, communist Fidel Castro from Cuba, communist leaning Secretary of State Democrat Hillary Clinton, all support the ousted president and label what happened in Honduras as illegal. Then leftist Democrat President Barack Obama agreed with these Marxist.

In the USA the people no longer decide the outcome of national elections; it is the news media who makes those decision. This news media will not allow the Democrats to loose the 2010 Congressional elections or allow President Obama to loose the 2012 presidential elections. While in his second term, President Obama and the Democrats will then seek to repeal the 22nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, which limits a president to only two terms. The repeal of this amendment will allow President Obama to be president for life. Can you say comrade?

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