Thursday, January 31, 2008

Protesting Japan hunting dolphins

People from all over the world, mostly euro-trash from northern Europe swarm down on a tiny to town in Japan, the town of Tiji to protest the Japanese in their dolphin hunting. The people of Japan use these fish to feed themselves and fertilizer. Eating fish is part of the Japanese culture. But the protesters do not like the killing of dolphins and complain the way the fish are harvested.

How come they only protest in Japan? Because the people in Japan are polite and the Euro-trash take advantage of the polite Japanese culture. How come this same Euro-trash can not be found in a Texas steak house protesting a Texas trying to eat his or her steak? Where are the protested in Little Italy in lower Manhattan, New York City, when an Italian is eating veal parmesan? Veal, the meat from a calf. Where are these brave protesters when Native Americans in Alaska go on a whale hunt?


buddhy said...

Thank you so much mister!
I enjoyed your movies!
God bless you too!

Anonymous said...

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