Monday, January 14, 2008

Ethanol, corn, switchgrass, and sugar cane

The U.S. government is requiring ethanol to be ... (more)
Added: January 14, 2008
The U.S. government is requiring ethanol to be mixed with gasoline. Traditionally ethanol has been made with corn. Now some nations (Brazil) are using sugar cane to make ethanol. Now advocates are urging the use of switchgrass to make fuel (ethanol). The problem with using an agricultural product to make or supplement fuel, it that it takes farm land out of the food supply chain. Thus causing the price of agricultural products and live stock to rise. Meaning while the cost of fuel is rising so is the price of the food on your table. While we are sacrificing our farm land to produce fuel, we are leaving in the ground and offshore 400 year supply of oil untouched. This is because the environmentalist, the Democratic Party, and stupid Republicans, all are allowing this nonsense to continue.

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