Monday, January 7, 2008

Incandescent light bulb ban in favor of CFL

The Democrat controlled Congress of the United ... (more)
Added: January 07, 2008
The Democrat controlled Congress of the United States passed legislation and signed by the Republican President in The White House a ban on the incandescent light bulb. The environmentalist in a further attempt to control our lives were successful in getting this ban enacted. They would prefer we use a CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulb. Which you can not just throw in the garbage when it dies. It must be taken to a special facility because of the mercury in the product. If you drop it in your home and it breaks, run for the door, and open the windows to air out the joint. DO NOT use a vacuum to scoop up the remnants' for the fallen bulb, as the vacuum would spread the mercury further.

It is time we sharpen our pitch forks and head to Washington DC to get our government back. If you do not have time to head to Washington DC, just email the dolts who represent you. Locate them by accessing the website below. Insert your zip code, and up pops your representatives. Then email them about the return of the incandescent light bulb.

Thomas Edison perfected the incandescent light bulb around 1880. For over 125 years we have been using this incandescent bulb with no problems, all of a sudden it is a problem. See the real reason is so they bulb manufacturers can sell us bulbs that cost more.

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