Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Democrat Racist

When Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson t... (more)
Added: January 23, 2008
When Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson tried to get Civil Rights legislation passed in the Congress back in the 1960's, he had a difficult time. The difficulty he experienced was from his own Democratic Party. It was the Democrats in Congress who fought President Johnson in getting this important legislation passed. President Johnson had to get the support of the Republicans in Congress to get the legislation passed. The Republican Party in President Johnson's day was made up of blue-blood Republicans. Meaning the horty-torties. Not the common folk of today who make up the Republican Party. The difference then was, the Republicans recognized segregation was not good for the nation. Being the patriots that they were, they supported President Johnson and as a result this nation enjoys the benefits of the Civil Rights legislation. Yet the majority of black voters in America vote Democrat. Huh?

Now today the Democrats have a black American Senator, Barack Obama seeking the party's nomination for the Presidentency of the United States, and we have Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, the Clintonistas, and their supporters attempting to block a legitimate black American from seeking the highest office in the land.

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