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Sea Shepherd’s pure hate for the nation and people of Japan

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Sea Shepherd’s pure hate for the nation 

and people of Japan

2011: Western Japan on 2 September was hit with Typhoon Talas, resulting in massive devastation, near 50 dead, and many missing.  Sea Shepherd’s criminal cosplay Watson wrote on his Sea Shepherd’s website this tragedy was the sea seeking justice upon Taiji, Japan for their dolphin activities.  Taiji in Higashimuro District, Wakayama prefecture.   

Criminal Cosplay Watson in his purposeful inflammatory diatribe writes that the “Cove Guardians’ embody the spirit of the Kamikaze greater than the Japanese themselves.  It should be noted “kamikaze” is a Japanese word (神風) used to define a Japanese military unit, not for foreigners.  Criminal Cosplay Watson attempt to hijack this word is a continued bastardization of the dialog, a standard Watson failed tactic. 

Cosplay Watson also gleefully wrote of the Japanese earthquake tsunami 11 March 2011 that is was Neptune’s revenge.  Tragedy hits Japan and the Cosplay Watson exploits it to promote his wretched agenda.  The parents of these trust-fund babies who are part of Sea Shepherd’s cult should conduct an intervention to salvage what is salvageable with their miss-guided children.  The cult leaders concern is not their safety but the next event to exploit cultist around the globe for their money.    Note:  do not drink the Kool-Aid!

The earthquake tsunami hits northern Japan the She Shepherd’s Cove Guardians were there. Incidentally caution when approached by them: may have lice, fleas, tics, bed bugs, and yeast infections.  The Cove Guardians were also in Taiji when the typhoon hit.  Could it be Neptune and the angry seas are trying to cleanse Japan of this foreign vermin? 

Cosplay Watson has on numerous occasions boasted of what happened in Iceland in 1988.  He claims the Icelandic authorities accused him of sinking one of their whaling ships.  To show he had no fear of being wanted by Iceland, he flew to Iceland and surrendered himself to the Icelandic authorities.  After questioning by the authorities, they escorted him back to the airport ordering him to leave the nation.

Since the Cosplay Watson thought and claimed he was wanted in Iceland, yet flew there to challenge them, in that spirit how come he does not fly to Tokyo, Japan?   The Tokyo Metropolitan Police issued an arrest warrant the Watson based upon information squealed to them by Peter Bethune when he was a guest in jail in Tokyo.  Since Watson defied the Icelandic authorities, how come he does not defy the Tokyo authorities with the same bravado?

2017:  Typhoon Lan approaches Japan, and criminal cosplay Watson writes on Facebook his desire to   No consideration for the people living there, his pure hate for the nation and people of Japan is exposed with this hate. 
Paul Watson
hit Taiji, Japan.

The Sea Shepherd cult sole objective is to exploit people for their money and others if a tragedy happens.

Watson’s note hoping Taiji gets hit with a typhoon.  See the note on October 20, 2017:

Here he reinforces his hate for Taiji:

Here criminal cosplay Watson reinforces his stated desire to wish a typhoon hit the city of Taiji, Japan.  He wrote in part: “Well unfortunately the typhoon missed that evil little town…..”  Read for yourself the writings of a disgusting criminal:

Link to She Shepherd’s 2011 hideous writing / website:

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