Thursday, October 5, 2017

“All men are”…..America the Stupid

“All men are”…..America the Stupid

There is a fourth grade teacher at Salk Elementary school in Mesa, Arizona who inserted political correctness into The Declaration of Independence.

There are two portions in that Founding document that read in part:

“….that all men are created equal….”

“…Governments are instituted among men…..”

The dopey teacher replaced “men” with “humans.”    In politically correct America the indoctrinators (teachers) in the re-education camps (public schools) are attempting to erase the two genders of “man” and “woman” to one: “humans.” 

The problem with these clowns they need a lesson in English, or how about “America’s English.” 
“Man” or “men” for centuries has been used as a euphemism for both genders (men and women). 

Man / men used for both genders:

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