Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Reply to Korean guy’s Comfort Women video addressed to Tony

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Reply to Korean guy’s Comfort Women video addressed to Tony (me)

A young Korean, either in Korea or the USA uploaded a video to YouTube addressed to me with a few questions / statements.  My attempt to address his concerns:

1 – He stated I denied there were Comfort Women.  Not correct.  Never denied there was a Comfort Women system.  The controversy is not whether they existed, but it is how they became Comfort Women.

2 – Challenges me to produce documented proof supporting what I claim in my videos.  He added not to use material made by the Japanese.  In numerous of my Comfort Women videos I produce numerous documents created by the United States Army during and shortly after World War Two.  These documents were located in the United States National Archives in College Park, Maryland, outside Washington, D.C.   

Videos used in this video, except the Korean guy’s video:

comfort women the truth be told

Comfort Women proof of………..

u.s.army comfort women report 78

Comfort Women as POWs film exposes

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