Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Japan’s Navy Rising Sun Flag - again

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Japan’s Navy Rising Sun Flag

Many miss-informed Japan bashers in South Korea claim Japan’s Navy Rising Sun flag is equal to the Nazi German flag.  Sure they are aware Germany and Japan are separate nations and that the Rising Sun flag was used as Japan’s navy flag long before the Nazi Party came into existence. 

So why claim the two flags are the same?  Very simple, it is being done to deny history and bash Japan.  A residual from this hate many in South Korea hope to gain is to tarnish the good image Japan enjoys in the USA. 

These morons in South Korea view Japan as a greater threat than they do the Communist in North Korea who are still firing live artillery shells at them.  Also they value the Communist in China who is responsible for the Korean peninsula being divided today.  Only sick and disturb people would deny history and see an ally as the enemy while embracing their true enemies. 

This hate by these South Koreans only server to create a rift in the Japan – South Korean – USA alliance to the delight of the Communist in North Korea and China.  Basically these idiots are playing into the hands of those responsible for the aggression in Asia.  Talk about being an idiot.   
Currently the United States Navy proudly serves alongside the Japanese Navy with the Rising Sun flag.  So are these Koreans accusing the United States Navy of proudly serving alongside the Nazi flag?  When these idiots claim the Japanese Navy flag, the Rising Sun flag, is a Nazi flag, they are insulting the United States Navy.  These Koreans are pathetic and their fellow citizens who allow this insult to continue are equally pathetic.   

When these people claim the Rising Sun flag is a Nazi flag they are insulting the United States Navy and many U.S. military units.  The U.S. Navy proudly sails alongside and with the Japanese Navy and their use of the Rising Sun flag.  Many U.S. military units serving in Japan or with the Japanese have as part of their clothe patch insignia the Rising Sun flag in one form or another.     

The fascists at YouTube removed my video about Japan’s Rising Sun flag.  The video is about how the U.S. military uses that flag in many of their insignia.  I guess  Japan and the U.S. military are offensive to the fascists at YouTube. 

See below:
1 - video removed for violating elusive "community standards."
2 -over eight thousand views with any problems till now?
3 - Video been uploaded three years ago and all that time no problems.

NOTE:  After filing an appeal with YouTube the video was restored:

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