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U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy is an embarrassment

U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy 
is an embarrassment

I know a lot of people in Japan are hurt and offended by what the United States Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy Tweeted in reference to the dolphin activity in Taiji.  

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy’s offensive Tweet:

"Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing," she said. The U.S. government "opposes drive hunt fisheries."

Please understand we in the USA were not shocked by her Tweet as we expected it.  Ambassador Caroline Kennedy is a Democrat first and foremost, and not a diplomat. 

In this twenty-first century Democrats in the USA only loyalty is to their political party, not to the nation or America’s allies.  This disgusting excuse for a diplomat Tweeted what she did out of ignorance and devotion to her political party.  The Democrats enjoy overwhelming support from the pervert thespians in Hollywood; this is the same group that supports Sea Shepherd. 

By being critical of Japanese culture, via the Taiji Tweet, Ambassador Kennedy got what we call in the USA call a “twofer,” meaning she delighted two groups with one activity.  By supporting Sea Shepherd’s culturally insensitive imperialism guaranteed further support from the Democratic Party’s traditional money supporters.

I doubt very much the hateful and rude comments left on Prime Minister Abe’s Facebook page by the save-the-dolphin, and anti-whaling emotional wrecks had any influence upon Ms. Kennedy in composing that Tweet.  She arrived in Japan with the motivation to do what she did because it is ingrained in her political posture.

At times when I behave mischievous, friends and family say, “Oh, that’s just Tony.”  I guess we can say the same about this poor excuse for a diplomat, “Oh, she is just a Democrat.”  I know I throw that word “Democrat” around as an insult, and some may think it is reckless or an over exaggeration.  However I implore you to understand, Democrats in the USA are extreme liberals, are the essence of political correctness, and determine to continue the destruction of their own country, the United States. 

Now why would people born in the USA want to destroy their own country?  These pathetic people feel this way because they believe the USA is the evil in the world and is responsible for a number of problems around the globe.  With this determination to marginalize the USA they add into that goal America’s trusted allies.  So sorry Japan got dragged into this American suicidal objective. 

What is perplexing here is the Obama administration is determined to increase USA involvement in Asia to deter Chinese aggression.  With this goal the administration realizes the importance Japan as a valuable ally.  With Caroline Kennedy’s demonstration of cultural insensitivity and diplomatic ignorance will the Obama administration take her to the wood shed (an American euphemism for “chastising” her). 

Would Ambassador Kennedy have Tweeted what she did if Sea Shepherd drones were not in Taiji?  Can we assess a little culpability to the Japanese government for allowing Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian entry year after year to interfere with Japanese business?  I was under the impression it was a violation of Japanese law to interfere with business. 

Paul Watson the voice of Sea Shepherd has an active Interpol warrant filed by Japan.  One of the charges is “Forcible obstruction of business.”  Sea Shepherd’s activities in the past obstructed and harass business in Taiji, yet they are allowed to return year after year.

In September of 2013 I traveled to Taiji with a Japanese team.  We demonstrated how to interfere with Sea Shepherd’s live-streaming in a non-confrontational, none violent manner.  While they were live-streaming, we told jokes, criticized their behavior, and I sang songs, basically disrupting their live-streaming.  I had hoped it would have served as an example to other Japanese how to interrupt their live-streaming. 

Recently Sea Shepherd was allowed to live-stream the capture of the 250 dolphins without any interference.  Their videos and commentary gained world-wide attention and the attention of Caroline Kennedy to exploit.  Do my Japanese friends / team and I need to travel back to Taiji to prevent further one-sided live-streaming?   

Shame on me for injected my extreme prejudice towards Sea Shepherd and attempting to assign some responsibility to the Japanese government.  Truth is I firmly believe Caroline Kennedy is solely responsible for her actions, not Sea Shepherd, not the perverts in Hollywood, and not the government of Japan.  It was just my way of injected criticism of Sea Shepherd.  Sorry about that – ha ha ha.        

Remember it was under her leadership the United States Embassy in Tokyo issued that statement critical of Prime Minister Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine.  Now with this Taiji statement by the dope, is this not proof she is in the wrong position if not in a nation she cares not to understand?  How does an administration send a representative to a nation who has now demonstrated hostility towards?  It is apparent this diplomatically challenged Ambassador needs to steer into another vocation.   

To the people of Japan, sumimasen from me, and the millions in America who appreciate the trust and friendship we enjoy with your nation.  I know many in Japan were joyful when it was announced Caroline Kennedy will be the U.S. Ambassador to Japan.  Now with great disappointment this reckless ambassador proved her critics correct.  You can count me as one of her critics both before her arrival in Japan and while in Japan.  I am also confident when Japan is cleansed of her, I will still be critical of her.    

Japan we love you, respect you, and appreciate your friendship. 

Video in reference to Kennedy’s Tweet:

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